Updating the default value of a variable

I am interested to find out if you can permanently update the default value of a variable.

What I would like to do is have a hidden slide that if you know the correct key strokes it will appear, enter a security code and the update page appears. Change the values on the update page then save and close. The default value of the variables changes to match the update page and all users now see the new information.

I can get all of this working except the changing of the default value of the variables. Each time I re-open the interaction it has the original default values not the updated ones.

Hoping there is a solution

Regards Graeme

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Dennis Hall

Hi Graeme:

Do you want to reset the variable after a trigger has changed it, the user has moved on, then the user revisits the content?

If this is the case, create a trigger on the slide that sets the variable to the original value when the slide timeline starts.


On a button...

Trigger = Adjust variable value to true when the user clicks.

On the slides base layer...

Trigger = Adjust variable value to false when the timeline starts.

Make sure the base layer properties is set to rest the slide when revisited.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Graeme  Nicholls

Thanks for the reply Dennis

I have already used the tips above and unfortunately they do not change the default value of a variable. They only change the variable for the single users session.

I was hoping that I could have an inbuilt editor to change details globally fo all users without having to re publish each time.

Regards Graeme