Using NaturalReader TTS files in Storyline 2

Hi everyone,

I've got to translate some modules into French and Spanish, and I'd like to use a text-to-speech utility to do so.  I had thought about buying additional NeoSpeech voices for use in Captivate, but I hate Captivate, so I'd love to avoid that.

I found NaturalReader referenced in a few posts, and I'm happy with their voices and price, but then I find this in their FAQ:

I would like to distribute audio files created by NaturalReader software. How do I purchase a license?
Due to licensing restrictions, we cannot allow customers to redistribute the sound files created by NaturalReader. For permission to redistribute the audio files, you must contact the voice providers (AT&T, Neospeech, Acapela) to buy the license.

Do I really need to worry about using the MP3 outputs for a non-commercial, elearning module?  Hopefully I'm just overestimating what they mean by "redistribute".

Thanks in advance!


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