Video doesn't show on the slide, and doesn't play or pause

Hello, we are having a problem with a video when publishing the html file, this video is shown and played as expected on the review link, we never had any problem on the reviews, and this is the only one between several videos that works correctly, but when the client uploaded to the server and to their website the error occurred. First it only showed a frame, like a preview image but didn't play, the play button on the player bar changed when clicked but nothing happened. Then I tried many options, inserting the video again, inserting a different video to check if could be the video file, reinserting the correct one again, editing inside storyling also double check tha triggers, just in case were something strange or different to the other videos, then I published the html file again and uploaded it to our own werver, but nothing helps, and now it doesn't show any preview image, the play bar is still there so I asume that there is a video but doesn't work, no matter what video is.
I read another Discussion that speaks about the same problem and the answer was that had to be check deeply, I don't know if this problem were solved. 

This is the review link

This is the html link  Setps to follow: ->Click Start ->Choose an Avatar (Male/Female) ->Click on Button "Video3" (the other videos play correctly)

Thank you very much!!

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