Videos not playing in published course. HELP!!

I am working on a course with lots of videos. Originally they were really blurry and so I've been having to use the work around I learned here. //

I published the course last week and the work around worked fine. Today I realized that some of the videos were not blurry because of SL, but because of the video themselves. Fixed the videos. Republished. Renamed the video files so I could replace them in the output file. Replaced them just like i did before.

Now when I open the output file (both web and LMS output) the videos do not play. They show up in preview mode, but not in the published version , HELP!!!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Tom!

I see that you've opened a case with our Support Engineers! Great call. My teammate, Angelo, tested your file in SCORM cloud, and the video was playing in that environment. Angelo suggested opening a case with your LMS provider to see if this is a known issue on their end.

Please keep up updated!