Way to Replay specific layer vs. entire slide?


Is there a way (if so --> how) to replay a specific layer instead of the entire slide?

For example: On the attached presentation, slide 1. 4 2, there is a base layer and 3 other layers.

If I am on the 3rd layer (titled "why coach") and press the "circle-arrow" button - it goes back to the beginning of the base layer and plays.

Is there a way to make it just start over on that specific layer?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kyle

here is a sample SL2 file - I have changed the options on the layer to 'allow seeking' = yes and it works as expected.

Sorry I've just moved house and my internet is playing up so didn't try and download your file...hope the sample helps

Walt Hamilton

Try this.

Or you could just duplicate the layer. When you click to restart the layer, it jumps to the duplicate, and when you click on the duplicate to restart, it jumps to the original. Be sure they are set to reset to initial state when revisiting.

Jenny Brewer

Thanks Walt! "reset to initial state" is vital to this working I found by trial and error! I also found another thread that suggested adding one trigger to hide the current layer and another trigger on the same button to play the current layer. Similar thought pattern to your suggestion. Nice to have options! Thanks again!