Web object side-by-side?


I've been developing Storylines with text-entry variables that can then be viewed in a new browser window via javascript.

I find I now need to do something similar but with "work in progress" text that can be revisited. Since the orignial input will be cleared after each browser session, I'm thinking about having the storyline open Google Docs in a new browser window for the text entry but I'd really like to keep the writing process more inegrated with the Storyline. I tried using the Google sign-in page as a web object, but it won't load in the storyline frame (probably for security reasons). 

I'm wondering if anyone has ever designed a storyline that works kind of like "Guide on the Side," from the University of Arizona Libraries, which creates a "sidebar" or popup tutorial to use with a browser page (screenshot below). Unlike Guide on the Side, this would involve two separate web pages being used side by side (e.g. Storyline in browser page on the left, Google docs page on the right). 

Thanks for any ideas, examples, or inspiration!


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Sarah Berry

That sounds promising! Do you know how I'd identify the web page in the Storyline variable? 
For this project it won't work since the web page location would be different for each instance of the course and there will be multiple so I'm thinking I'll to use JS to pop up a new browser window that's open to the Google Docs sign-in page.