Web object not showing in review or on Scormcloud

I am using the TwentyTwenty Before After Slider (http://zurb.com/playground/twentytwenty) , works well when run from my server, but when added to Articulate Review or Scormcloud it just shows a blank screen where the web object should be.

I am calling jquery library from https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.2.1.js would it be better to include the library inside of my project? I am going to be using a lot of these sliders so didn't really want to add it inside each web object.



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Brian Dennis

By topmost I mean the story_html5.html generated file. All web objects should be able to use this global jquery unless the learner's browser has some unusual security policy in play. Look for the script tags towards the bottom of the generated markup.

I'd guess the SCORM Cloud (and yes potentially LMS) is a CORS (cross domain script) security policy at the browser level. If so, you're best chance is serving jquery from the same box vs. the jQuery CDN (jquery.com)