Web Objects hidden until user rolls over


I've uploaded my module to Articulate Review to test an embedded web object from SurveyMonkey. The place where the web object was inserted just looks like a blank white space unless the user rolls mouse over the area. (Incidentally, this same thing happened with an accordion interaction I built in Engage in another module.) Anyone know how to make web objects and Engage interactions appear automatically without having to provide instructions that the user must first scroll over a blank area? Above is the link to the single slide I'm referring to. Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christine,

Thanks for sharing the file! I took a look and uploaded it to Review here, and that version I published HTML5 only.  I tested that in Chrome as well and I didn't need to mouse over it, nor did I in IE11. Did you need to publish with Flash included, or can you use the HTML5 output on it's own? 

Christine Padberg

Hi Ashley, Thanks so much for taking a look at my file. I clicked on your link, and it does work perfectly. Unfortunately, I've been told by our LMS admins that I should publish in Flash with HTML5 backup. Also, only the IE browser works with our LMS, so everyone who accesses the module will be using IE. If you don't have any other ideas for me, maybe I'll try publishing in HTML5 and uploading to our LMS just to see what happens?

Matthew Bibby

Hi Christine,

I just tested the Flash output in Internet Explorer 11. I used SCORM Cloud as the LMS.

The web object worked fine, although it did take a few seconds to load.

It could be that the web object isn't being triggered by the hover but it just takes a few seconds to load, so by the time you move your mouse to that part of the screen, it's loaded and it looks like the hover is responsible.

Anyway, test it your LMS and just wait and see if it loads by itself. Also, test in SCORM Cloud to see if the behaviour differs there.

You could try putting a small "Survey loading, please wait..." message behind the web object so if it takes a few seconds to load, people won't be wondering what's going on.

Hope that helps.