weird pop up box blocking progress?

I'm not sure how to categorize this issue, and I cannot recreate it.

I've course which has a preassessment, and for certain questions, users are only asked further related questions if they answer the first question in that series correctly.

So in screen clip 1, if the user gets the first question wrong, they are shown a negative feedback slide and directed to the next question in slide "Rule9_o_obliterate".

I used slides to build this preassessment rather than question banks as I couldn't figure out how to get question banks to behave in the exact way I want.

The issue here is I have a user who has answered the first question incorrectly, but they are being blocked from proceeding by a strange pop-up box (see screengrab2) - a box labelled with "Rule9_O_obliterate". As this label related to the next slide, I can't figure out where it is coming's not the negative feedback slide.

Has anyone seen behavior like this before?

This story uses a custom story size (1800 x 2000, ratio aspect locked), which I have seen play havoc with feedback layers before - though I am particularly puzzled here though as the pop-up seems to be relating to the next slide in someway.

This course has only gone to a small spread of users to far, but no other user has reported this issue. I can't recreate it. This user in particular was using internet explorer but when I purposefully got this question wrong in internet explorer it behaved as expected.

Course is published as SCORM 1.2 and uploaded to our LMS system. 

Any insights gratefully appreciated,


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Michelle M

Update - I logged a ticket with a service engineer - they couldn't recreate the problem so best they could advise was perhaps the user was using an older version of internet explorer.

For this user I've reassigned and asked them to complete in Chrome/Edge, but I would still love to be able to figure out what that box is and why it would pop up in any instance.

There must be some instruction or some quirk within the .story file itself which is generating this box - I don't see how IE could reach into the zipped SCORM package and generate it!

Any insights or anyone who has had similar experiences, I would love to hear them. This package will eventually be going to thousands of users so I have to assume a variety of browsers will be used. I'd love to remove the root cause of this issue rather than hoping for the best.

Michelle M

Hi Phil,

I don't want to post the file here publicly but if you were comfortable sending me your email privately via PM I'd be happy to share with you privately via wetransfer

There are no javascript triggers and I didn't insert any custom slide layers on my master, but on reviewing my file I have noticed 2 things

  • The 2 cases I've seen occurred on question slides which contained an "empty" correct layer (see screenshot). Every question has an incorrect and a correct layer - but for some questions the correct layer just moves the user on to the next course. I don't have enough data to say that the error ONLY presents for these slides though...but maybe? Maybe in the absence of something to show it's pulling the weird box from the slide master?
  • I have a custom "submit" button (due to the design of my course and custom screen size, the built in submit button was too small). At some point during building I ended up with duplicate triggers attached to this submit button, but it wouldn't let me delete them (see dead triggers screenshot). The best I could do was set all these extra triggers to "unassigned"....again, no idea if these could interfere, but it's the only other unusual thing I have noticed upon review.

Many thanks for responses