What is the best way to show a video??

We have a video that someone recorded in GoToMeeting and would like to put this on our LMS. When the video is inserted into SL2 the video is very small. What would you all recommend to do in this situation? Should i create a small presentation in SL2 with a link to the video uploaded someplace? If i make the video larger in the video editing tools then it is blurry?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and help!!


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Heather Beaudoin (Steckley)

When I have folks record videos using GoToMeeting, I force them to set their screen size to 1024x768 to help with this issue. They hate it but it produces a better video where you can actually see what's going on. We also ask them to record with WMV file format so we can edit it. That doesn't help you now, though.

A few options...

  • You can rely on the Zoom Region feature in Storyline... just import the video and then add a bunch of zooms around the video. You might have better luck if you set your project size to be a larger dimension, but that might not be an option if you are using within an existing template.
  • You could do as you said and link to the video and have it play larger in a separate browser window.
  • If you have Camtasia, you can do the zooming in that tool and then output a new .mp4 that you use in Storyline.

My choice would depend on how long the video is (amount of post-production work needed) and how important it is to your design. I think I would go with the separate window option if it works for you... least amount of work for sure.

And then I'd do some tests to find your team's recommended screen settings for future videos.