When Timeline Ends Trigger with Seekbar vs Video Controls

Help me to confirm and/or understand why this is happening:

  • A 15 minute video is inserted into a slide.
  • A trigger is placed on the slide: Show Layer "Two" When Timeline Ends on "This Slide."
  • Video Controls is checked/turned on.
  • Seekbar is not checked/turned off.

Problem: When I use the progress bar in the Video Controls and jump straight to the end, the Show Layer trigger does not work (Layer Two never appears).

When I use the Seekbar to jump to the end (after turning it on), the Show Layer trigger does work. 

Can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong or maybe this is just the way it functions? Are the Video Controls not tied to the timeline? I have a few ideas why, but wanted to get a definitive answer from the experts. And yes, I am using "When Media Completes" now, but just curious about the situation I described. Thanks! 

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Josh Uhlig

That is the way it works.  The video controls are separate from the seekbar, so advancing the video has no effect on the timeline of the slide itself.  The timeline of the slide still needs to reach the end before the trigger is activated.

You might try changing the format of the video to FLV, and use only the seekbar (turn video controls off).  I believe that will allow you to advance the video with the seekbar (not positive about this).