Why Storyline 3 over 360 Teams?

Articulate has just released SL version 3. We have just upgraded to 360 teams and to be honest, I cannot find any reason to consider upgrading to SL3 from what I can see on your site. As a Learning Technologies manager, I am starting to find these "upgrades" to be more frequent and quite honestly frustrating. 

Can you help me understand the direct differences between SL3 and SL360, without hours of research?

I assumed the subscription I pay (35k) for annually would keep me up to date with your upgrades, I don't like missing out on new stuff...I love your stuff but, what gives man??

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Matthew Bibby

If you have 360, then you have everything Joel. You're not missing out. 

SL3 is a standalone product that is good for those who don't want a subscription payment and don't need all that Articulate 360 has to offer. 

But if you have 360, then you'll continue to get new features added to SL360 whereas those who purchase SL3 won't. This page shows a comparison between the two products.