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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amar,

When using Jaws or another screen reader, you would need to enable each item and text on the screen to be visible to accessibility tools as described here. If it's an image or other object, you'll also want to include some alt text so that the screen reader accesses that instead of the file name of the object/image itself.  If the text is part of a video, you may want to look at using the notes feature in Storyline or setting up a closed captioning behavior. 

I also wanted to share some additional documentation here on Storyline's 508 compliance. 

Amar Kulshreshtha

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your reply my issue is resolved, i was using goggle chrome and Screen Reader Support only Articulate Storyline’s Flash-based output in internet explorer. 

But now i want to know that can we skip Interface elements (menu, resources, items) on every slide by a screen reader.