Word/Phrase Detection - is it possible?

Hi folks


I've had an idea but I'm not sure it's do-able?  I want my users to search through the game scenario and then record all their findings .  I've created the Lightbox slide and included a Text Entry control. 


However, I want the scoring system to detect words or phrases typed within the Text Entry and apply a score for each word identified.


Hope this is making sense?  As an example, I'd like the user to identify and record in their findings 'no key for the filing cabinet'. This will be free text, so it's unlikely that each user will record the exact same sentence.  But if they include words 'key', 'secure', 'cabinet', 'lock' etc, then I'd like it to be included in the score.  


I've set up the variable to accumulate the score,  but I'm now stuck trying to figure out how to detect these individual words/phrases within the Text Entry control.   Is it possible? 


jo xxx

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Jo Lamontagne

Great news!!


I asked one of our web developers to take a look at my coding.  He went through the local output and reviewed the content when viewed from the lms.  He established that, when reviewing locally, it runs the story.html file.  This file includes the coding set out in the Text Entry field.


Yet, the lms runs the index_lms.html file an for some reason the javascript was not embedded in to this file.  He suggested that if we rename the second file to include the wording 'backup' or 'original' and then rename the story.html to 'index-lms.html', then the lms will run the file that works correctly.


I've tried it and the Points variable works.  Matt Bibby suggested that some of the functionality may be compromised using this solution, so I'm keeping an eye to it. 


Thank you Matt and Phil for taking the time to investigate this one for me! xxx

Jo Lamontagne

I did Matt, and technically, 'yes' it is communicating.


However, at the minute the Points variable is only set to show the user their score after completing the challenge.  The score is not recorded anywhere on the lms for reference.


However, the content author has now set another challenge.  As well as accruing points for whenever a keyword is captured, could we record a result on the lms that shows however many dpa breaches were addressed?  There are 6 different breaches that need to be identified, but some of the keywords overlap. e.g. If a user types 'information', it could be relevant to 3 of the 6 specific breaches. 


My new challenge is to develop another variable that triggers each time they address a breach.  I'm thinking if I use TRUE/FALSE variable.


Once I create this particular part of the triggers, I will load the full content on to LMS using the new workaround and see if the functionality still works properly.


Wish me luck! xxx

Matthew Bibby

Well there you go.

I'm not surprised that the course runs in the LMS, but I'm really surprised that that the SCORM communication is working given that you've essentially deleted the code that usually resides in the index_lms.html file by renaming it to index_lms_backup.html.

Anyway, great to hear you've got it working!

If you want to pass the value of the Points variable to the LMS, you can use this approach.

With recording the different breaches that need to be identified, can you use more specific phrases to minimise that overlap?

Yell out if you get stuck. 

Jo Lamontagne

I've just had a look when this discussion was first raised...27 days ago.


Matt Bibby has spent countless hours looking in to this issue, finding solutions for any set backs and working with my inexperience.


The resulting activity has the stakeholders VERY happy.  The content is there, the interactivity is there, the evaluation process is there.  Matt, thank you very much for spending nearly a month working to get this published and ready for sign off 

Your daily blog posts that I've subscribed to have also helped me improve my knowledge.  I'm going to try the updating hyperlinks today! xxx