80s Double Exposure Image Effects in E-Learning

I recently unboxed some family photos in our storage room. Talk about old-school photography!

I won't burden you with my pics, but I was pleased to discover there are dozens of images online with the same "Olan Mills" photo effects.

Here's one example:

This isn't an effect you see in too often in e-learning courses, so I thought I'd give it a quick try to see how it might look as a cover slide. 

I'm not sure my current clients would go for something so edgy, but maybe this post will attract some risk takers.

Regardless, it was fun to play around with an effect I'd never used in course design.

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David Anderson

LOL. I don't know if I could use this one as a challenge.

It's amazing how a similar technique can be used in both a modern and outdated context. For example, we used a similar approach to create cover screens. But notice how much better the modern effects look:

Visual Design Tips for Cover Slides #117: Challenge | Recap