Adobe Presenter 10

The latest version (v 10) of Adobe Presenter looks and functions very similar to SL. They even have Adobe Presenter Video Express that works like Replay.

We just got a few of our faculty on board using Articulate but every faculty has access to Adobe Presenter and I feel we  won't be training any more faculty on Articulate products. :(  I need to be familiar with Adobe Presenter's latest version because I work with faculty, but Articulate is still my go to program.

Did a few programers move to Adobe? Is there a sale/merger in the future?

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Paula Brandon

At first glance it looks a lot like Storyline but I think that's more a result of all the tools leveraging PowerPoint's interface. Most of Adobe's Presenter is in PowerPoint and they adapted their menu to align with PowerPoint.

I don't work much in Articulate Studio but I have to imagine you'll never find the same level of support w/ Adobe that you get here.

Paul Phua

My department got Articulate studio before the decision was made to install Adobe Presenter to the whole campus.  Now it looks like I have to also switch to use Adobe Presenter for my work and training purpose more than Articulate Studio.  I felt so unfortunate.  Besides the support issue, does anyone else know what else could Adobe Presenter not able to do ?

Kathi Baldwin

My use of Adobe Presenter 10 is limited, but here's what struck me. First I should mention that I used Adobe Breeze and up thru Adobe Presenter 7 before switching to Storyline. Then we tackled Studio (for me briefly since I had Storyline) so when I started using Presenter 10 again it was like "wow" this is so much like Studio and such an improvement over Presenter 7, again a "wow".

I think your faculty will be impressed with what Adobe Presenter can do. The limitations may be in the quiz and interaction piece. I think the options in those two areas may be limited compared to Studio. In truth, I haven't done a side-by-side comparison, but they seem slightly limited. But then even Studio is limited compared to Storyline, so perhaps I'm not a great judge. 

I can say, at this moment, if I had the ease of use, ease of training foremost in mind, I would probably give faculty Adobe Presenter the edge as the tool to hand faculty for a quick and dirty plug-in to PPT and for those who really want to individualize and customize-- Storyline is the clear winner. 

Adobe's Video Express (when it worked) was so easy to use. Again not as robust as, say, Camtasia, but still, for a simple video capture tool-- very nice. We did have a few people who had issues with getting it installed on their older PCs.

Sorry if this doesn't detail enough, but that's after going thru and doing one training with faculty with Presenter 10.

Paul Phua

Today I tested Adobe Presenter more thoroughly and I found it to be a pain in the neck to manage its Quiz and video importing features.  They were so unprofessionally designed and not user-friendly.

I was wrong in my previous post about Adobe Presenter 10.  It is not a challenge at all to Articulate Studio 13.  Although I am glad to possess Articulate Studio, I was disappointed that my institution decided to go with Adobe Presenter.  I could almost see what's coming for my fellow colleagues when they have to face with video and quiz features.  Anyway, good job to Articulate for producing a great product.