Articulate Mobile Player question


I have faculty creating 15 modules in presenter that combined together equals one class. Each module is it's own mini course in the AMP. They would like to create many classes this way: multiple modules = 1 class. Is there a way to keep the classes and their modules together and in a specific order? As it is now they are all on the AMP in the order they were downloaded. This makes it difficult to follow the class sequence.

Thank you!

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Alexander Salas

The best option is to set all the modules as part of a LMS curriculum.  Most LM systems have the curriculum feature and in most cases they would also have the option to require completion of one before the other.  In my case, I currently use Cornerstone OnDemand  and it works in the fashion you have described. Instead of calling 1 Class you would have 1 Curriculum pending completion upon the completion of its integral parts.