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I am creating a new software course and am looking for some ideas and inspiration! Unfortunately, at the moment, we lack the ability to conduct true performance assessments. Because of this, I've had to adjust my learning objectives from being able to effectively use the software to being able to locate/ access and interpret the instructions (job aid) to use the software. 

Any ideas for how to best assess this? I want to stay away from remember-level assessment items as much as possible.

Thanks for your help!


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john faulkes

Many, many organisations lack - let's not say the 'ability' - let's say the 'opportunity' to conduct true performance assessments (PA).

As you may already have concluded, 'Remember-level' is the norm because quizzes are so much a part of eLearning strategy. It's fundamentally built in to Articulate - and other design suites' philosophy. This is because 'true' PA's, which go beyond this level, are usually done outside of this environment. For example, the 'truest' PA would be from someone who benefits from the learner's new skills - their boss or their internal customers. Another fairly useful assessment would be a follow up call or workshop with the learners, so that they could describe what they have learned and what challenges they can now overcome.

But if you do want something directly linked to your course, there could be some options:

1. Set a challenge: this could be posed in the course - perhaps to find something, work out something (whatever - depending on the software product). However, Storyline would not be able to judge or 'mark' their success - they would have to send something separately. Or perhaps put some software output on file that you could examine?

2. Integrate follow up: remember that the real learning comes after the training - in actual use of the software. But in the course learners could perhaps sign up to a dated action plan with staged report back/checks. Again, it then probably has to go outside storyline - into a system that would trigger 'check points' - even possibly jump back into the course if any re-study is necessary. 

Note that your LMS is probably not able to manage all this sort of thing. You're on the leading edge if you go for it! But I build this sort of functionality. happy to discuss further.