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I am starting at a new company and I am the first instructional designer they have ever had. Both exciting and terrifying.

Specifically I am asking what folks think about including a copyright notice, e.g., "(c) copyright 2014 blah blah...." on our courses. Do you think this is necessary? Should I include this on all of my courses?

Also, I would love to hear any best practices in general. I want to get things started on the correct foot, right or left.

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Nicole Legault

Hi there Jonathon!

Oooh, the first instructional designer ever at a new company! Wow! So you're going to be the one setting the bar here That IS exciting!!

Thanks for posting your question! It's an interesting one and one that has not come up too often in the forums, although I was able to find this past discussion that you might find helpful: How to add copyright statement to Storyline

I can say that from personal experience I've never included a copyright in my e-learning courses, including when I developed e-learning modules that were sold online for a profit ...which it would seem, would be a situation where it would be more necessary than when its just internal training for employees....

I also don't recall ever seeing a copyright symbol or notice in e-learning courses that I've seen/taken. That's not to say it's not a good idea or that it hasn't been there, just sharing my personal experiences. I'd be interested in hearing from others in the community on this topic... :) Thanks again for bringing it up Jonathon!! And good luck at the new position!