Captivate Remediation Slide-Help!

Hi Heroes!

Another Captivate question:

On my quiz slide, I have it set up as the following:

 -I have a text caption that states the correct answer (hidden)

-I have a SS button in that text caption (hidden)

-1 attempt

-1 failure message

-last attempt - execute AA   

     -If QuizTryCounter=2, then   

     -Assign QuizTryCounter with 1   

     -Show text caption and SS button   

     -Else, Assign QuizTryCounter with 2   

     -Jump to the remediated slide 

This works most of the time, but sometimes it doesn't jump to the remediated slide, it just shows the hidden text caption and smart shape button. This happens with a question that has multiple correct answers and/or the middle question out of 3. 

What could be the issue? Why wouldn't it jump to the slide?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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