Changing a video in a published course

Ever needed to change a video in a course? Do you hate republishing as much as I do? Well, there's a better way. I wrote a new blog to show Articulate users how to swap out a video quickly and easily after they've already published a course. Why would someone need to do this you ask?

Here's the scenario:

Your colleague built a course that is flash video intensive. They have since left or gone on vacation, without giving you the 'player template' file or the 'color scheme' file. That means it would take a lot of time and work if you had to republish it for any reason. And guess what: you found a reason. It turns out that your colleague had published the course with the wrong video on one of the slides. Outta luck? Nope.

Here's another scenario:

You just spent 20 minutes publishing your video intensive course. You even added your video preloader to the course which took you another few minutes. You owe the course to your client by the end of the week and it's now 4:00PM Friday afternoon. And just when you think you're done, you get an email telling you that some of the video content has just been updated and the new videos need to be in your course. So are you staying late? Perhaps not...

Check the tutorial at my blog:

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