Circle Motion Path Starting Points for Ovals?

Is there a way to get the starting point for the circle motion path to be anything other than "noon"?  I realize that you can use the rotation function to accomplish this for a true circle.  But if you are using it as an oval, rotating it won't work.  My oval is wider horizontally than it is tall.  I have 7 items I want to rotate around this oval.  The one at noon works wonderfully, but I can't figure out how to get the ones at 2:00, 4:00, etc, to rotate around that same oval path.  Thanks for any assistance, I love this forum and have learned a lot by simply reading what others are doing/asking. 

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Douglas Audirsch


Thank you for responding.  I'm uploading a single slide file that has the motion paths I'm discussing.  If you look at the object at the "noon" location ("History"), it flys around the oval as intended.  However, if you look at the object at the 2:00 location ("Company Org"), I can't seem to situate the circle motion path to follow the same oval path and end up back at the 2:00 position. 

I guess what I'm imagining is the ability, after applying the circle motion path, to be able to click on the green starting point and drag it around the circle to a new starting point. 

Michael Hinze

Ah, I see now. I don't know of a way to simply duplicate that oval motion path and drag the start end points of the oval. You could try using a freeform path, zoom in and 'trace' the first oval motion path. See attached a crude attempt to do that. It want be pixel perfect, but it may do the trick.