Clean up of E-Learning examples

Hi management et al, what I love about E-Learning Heros is the spirit of generosity - sharing of creative solutions helps us to develop some wonderful engaging works.  There are many 'examples' available to help inspire our next creation. 

However, I believe it's time for a clear out. Many examples like the following one are no longer available. This is a huge shame as we can't appreciate Caro Sanderson's work in full.

This was only posted about 9 months ago so not really that old.

I suggest management that a cleanup occurs to either prompt contributors to update links or remove their work. This will keep this page fresh with available works.

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Karl Muller

Yes it is a loss when examples are no longer available, however the original authors of some posts may no longer be a part of this community.

If they no longer have a Rise account that may well be a reason why their links and examples no longer work.

Even if people are still active, it would take a huge amount of time for someone to go through all their old posts to ensure that all links and examples are still current.