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Annie Jean

Hi Diana,

Well, I would say that it depends a lot on the type of feedback you are asking for, the lenght of the module, and the number of persons in the pilot.

If it is only to validate that the course is going well, that everything works as expected and that the learners can easily go through it without navigation problems, I would say that one week is quite enough if you don't have too much people involved. At a point, you have to identifiy deadlines to oblige people to do it to prevent them from having a lack of planification

If you are looking for the validation of the content, or any elements in the course, I would probably give more time mainly because you may have to look at it many times in order to point out every changes needed (up to a month, depending on the lenght of your module... still have to give deadlines otherwise it will be forgotten).

Hope this helps... even though it is only my opinion!! Have a nice day.

Phillip Loughlin

I've learned that the more time you give folks, the more time they'll take...  Which isn't to say they'll spend a ton of time reviewing your content, but only that they'll wait as long as possible before they begin.  Give them two weeks to run through a one-hour course, and they'll wait until the last hour of the last day.  Not judging, just reflecting on my own past experiences. 

Unless your pilot is really time consuming, or unless you are asking for extensive and detailed review/feedback, a full work-week should be plenty of time to go through the material. 

Heather Young


I've usually built in 5-7 business days, no longer, because of the comment above from Phillip.  They'll take as much time as you give them, but will wait until the 11th hour. 

I also have a review form that spells out what I'm looking for ... so that help them stay on task (most of the time).