Creating a jigsaw puzzle with Storyline

I uploaded a photo of a plant cell into an online jigsaw puzzle maker. Screengrabbed the result and used Photofiltre to clean up my newly created puzzle pieces. Then used Storyline drop and drag template to create puzzle game.

Appropriated our 2015 Guru, Phil's 30 sec clock timer to add a bit of drama.

Sharing the result in the hope that it will be useful to someone. 

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Alphonso Hendricks

Hi Amanda

Online puzzle maker takes your image and cuts it up into neat puzzle pieces. You then have to save each of these images and import then into storyline before using drop and drag template to create puzzle game. If my explanation too fast (or sketchy) contact me and I'll do a step by step video explanation of process.

Eimear O Neill

Thanks for sharing Aphonso! Grfeat activity :)

Hey Robin I use You must take a screenshot of each piece (you can't just save a piece directly as it is a flash interface I believe) and paste it into PowerPoint where you can make the background to transparent. Then save as an image and upload into Storyline.

Hope that helps :)