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Rich Calcutt

I like the idea of a course index inspired by the TED.com homepage. http://www.ted.com/

The videos have a nice tiled / mosaic layout and then they expand on hover - all very achievable in Storyline. I like the fact that the videos stills are all different sizes too...

You could take a screenshot or an image from each of your lessons and lay them out in this format with the lesson title overlaid, then hover to reveal the learning objectives, etc. 

There's one idea. I'm sure you'll get more suggestions from others. 

Natasha Lobo

Thnx Richard....I did go thru Ted and i liked the representation there..... in fact I listen to many Ted videos but have surprisingly never been to their website! :)

I like the way the open up on hover.....will implement something similar but with a little more uniform structure (as mandated by the client this course is meant for).

Jeff Nauman

Hi Natasha.. I did a drag and drop menu using Tom K's very cool template. I needed a menu with 18 different content (video) slides referenced. I used a lot of layers and simulated a loading timer. I've attached the working file if you'd care to have a look. I didn't include any content slides, but the PLAY button you'll see is the trigger to go to the associated slide.