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We are developing an in-house training curriculum for our group of Instructional Designers. We would like to leverage Articulate E-Learning Heroes as a repository for self help and sustainable knowledge in the long-term. My Question is, aside from Articulate Live, what options do we have at leveraging your direct expertise? (i.e. Guest Speaker/SME during training (in-house/virtual)).

I would love to get into contact with someone if there are options such as this available.


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Trina Rimmer

Hi Joel. I'm sure you'll find that E-Learning Heroes is a great resource for your instructional designers. Not only is there a lot of self-help information (articles, tutorials, and free e-books), but discussion forums, like this one, provide a great way for your folks to connect with other designer/developers to get design guidance, support and peer feedback on their work. The E-Learning Examples and Downloads hubs are great for getting creative inspiration, and free design assets, like templates, characters, icons, etc. In other words, echoing your thoughts, it's a great way to acquire and grow their expertise.

You mentioned Articulate Live, but here are some other resources to consider:

  • If you're looking for some self-paced tutorials to help get folks up to speed on Articulate 360, we've got a series of short & helpful Getting Started tutorials here
  • If you're looking for something more hands-on & guided, you might want to consider reaching out to our training partner, Yukon Learning. They're marvelous!
  • Another idea for more hands-on guidance would be to send your folks to one of our roadshows. You can track events where Articulate staff are scheduled to appear here.
  • Finally, if you think you'd benefit most from having an Articulate expert at the ready, you might consider posting a temporary or contract position for an Articulate consultant in our jobs hub. It's free and easy to post your position there and many of our freelance E-Learning Heroes keep tabs on opportunities posted there. I suggest this approach as many orgs like having someone on retainer they can tap to do periodic training or to jump in and help with e-learning projects when the workload gets too heavy. 

Hope these ideas get you pointed in the right direction.