[DEMO] Biomedical Research Ethics

Hello everybody.

Our course in Biomedical Research Ethics is about to go live. But first I wanted to see if I could get some good feedback from all you here in this awesome community. I posted this course at an earlier date and got some good feedback then.

I would appreciate it very much to hear your point of view on it.

Thanks a bunch in advance


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Sam Lincoln


Just spent an intriguing hour going through your demo (it relates to some work I am doing ... but I won't plagiarise!!). Here are my comments:

  • I liked the subtle humour throughout, without it the videos may have been a little long;
  • I thought the challenges were simple enough to guess but not without some reflection - which enables someone without detailed knowledge of biomed research to progress;
  • I liked the flow of the story and the introduction of different characters;
  • Some poor continuity between videos was noticeable (especially the changes in weather and the sequence of scenes) but these provided and unintended reason to continue watching!
  • There is a typographical error on the slide showing the small video about the apple/heart in lesson 1 - amend 'se' to 'see';
  • On the 'are you content with your moral/technical choices' slide there is no option to answer yes or no which forces use of the next/previous button.

Overall I found this a thought-provoking set of lessons. It's cleraly hard work being an ethicist - physically as well as intellectually!

Rich Calcutt

Hi Morten, 

Sorry to pick on the negative bits, but here's a list of things I think you should consider: 

  • Learning goals screen - I don't like how the background images changes like that. Moving the cursor over the list is nearly seizure inducing! The hover states on the buttons would have been enough. 
  • Video suffers from questionable acting and script and A LOT of shaky cam...it feels like it's been done on a phone and comes across as being pretty cheap. As someone else said, the video's are quite long too. 
  • 'The virtues of researchers' question - the wrong answer is too obvious. 
  • The 'what country' question in part 2 is pointless unless you expect that people would realistically know the answers somehow. If it's pure guesswork it's not a good question. Maybe a 'click to reveal' would just be better. 
  • The "complete the sentences" question has all the matches next to each other, e.g. A to A, B to B... seems like you could mix them up
  • 'skipping informed consent' question - the traffic light graphic comes out of nowhere. inconsistent with rest of design. Also, the concept that all the situations are 'Not OK' is a bit hackneyed and after 1 or 2 questions its completely predictable what the remaining answers will be. 
  • 'assess the vulnerability..." question: it's impossible to get it wrong, so why bother with a 'submit' button. Also, the images each get covered up, so you can't review your answer at the end. seems like a poor question design. Also, the bg image is very weird. 
  • The 'plagiarism or not' question is as above - the answers are very obvious.

I hope this list is helpful to you. I really like the frequency of the video and the story. It seems to bring out some really good points...but they are quite long in parts!

Good luck, 


Joanne Lazzaro

HI, Morten,

I just watched the course (was on my to-do-list all week), Very interesting conceptual design!

I see that others have already picked up on the typos and some of the peculiar opening visuals, and design of some of the quiz questions, so I won't repeat those comments.

One other comment - the course seems kind of long, especially for the target audience of biomedical researchers, who often (or so they tell me) don't have time to take a one-hour class. Here, I'd be told to break it up into 4 sections of 15-20 minutes each.

And imagine my surprise to see my own organization (Cedars-Sinai) featured in one of the videos!  I was expecting to see some sort of listing in the credits, as I don't recall that specific video was ever distributed publically (I'd never seen it, and I work here .

But perhaps I am being over-sensitive about editorial re-use.....

Anyhow, congrats on pulling off such a project!

Morten Skoglund

Hi Joanne

Thank you for the feedback. All the credits are now fixed and most of what have been adressed here is corrected. Thanks alot for the good feedback all It's a learning process. For those who wants to have an introduction into Biomedical Ethics can take a look below. Everything we create free for the public anyway.