Does anyone use DigitalChalk with Articulate360?

We're about to design our first online programme (having so far done mainly face to face training facilitation) and we are looking into options that can give us good, professional, interactive  content while at the same time being easy to design and then to manage. We are considering using Articulate360 to design the content and then use DigitalChalk as an LMS for this content. Does this make sense? Does anyone use these 2 together? Thank you!

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Kelly Meeker

Hi Lourdes! Hopefully some community members can chime in to share their examples of working with DigitalChalk. I wanted to share a helpful article about ensuring that your Articulate software projects will work with your LMS: 

You might also be interested in some of the other articles in our LMS series:

It's chock-full of helpful info and advice. :)