eLearning Maintenance Review Cycle Checklist

Hello, fellow eLearning course developers! I know many of you may be in the same boat as I - we create an eLearning course, put it up on the LMS and move on to the next course. Well - for 2019 our main goal is to create a maintenance cycle so that all of the eLearning courses on our LMS get reviewed at least once a year to keep the content current. We are constantly updating our software, which makes the screenshots outdated, and often times the process of tasks. So my question to you is - does anyone have a good checklist to give to SMEs that will help hem focus on what to look for when reviewing an eLearning course during a maintenance cycle? I have found plenty for initial review, but I can't seem to find any for routine maintenance. Thanks in advance!

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Judy Nollet

For my main client, we use a review document with a table that has screenshots from the entire course in the left column (one image per row). The right column is for entering comments. Typically, the SMEs just review everything and are responsible for indicating where changes are needed. Depending on the content, we provide guidance about what to look for. For example, have any process steps changed? Are the screenshots still accurate?

It seems like you could really use a checklist for analyzing the software updates to determine if the updates will impact training. In other words, the review cycle should be based on when the software is updated and what the changes are.

For some software that gets updated a few times a year, I prepped a document describing typical changes and their likely impact. For example, updating buttons and/or fields (changing names, adding, deleting, moving) will definitely affect training materials that have screenshots, as well as text related to process. Adjusting the options in a drop-down might have an impact; that would depend on how detailed the training materials are. Adding types of Reports wouldn't have an imact, because, for this software, the training materials don't provide details about each report.

I can't share the actual document; it's proprietary. But I hope this helps.


Allison LaMotte

Great question Kristin!

I don't have a review cycle checklist template for you, but here are some of the things I would personally look out for:

  • outdated screenshots
  • references to outdated events, products, people, etc..
  • outdated information on internal processes

I'm sure there are many other things that could be added to this list! I'm curious if anyone in the community has any ideas.

Kristin Koeleman


That is great! Let me think about it and see if there is anything I would
add. I am glad I could inspire you - we are going through eLearning course
maintenance right now and I will have to say, it is almost as hard as
creating the course!

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Ruth Mahoney

Hi Kirstin,

We really need to move to a more planned maintenance process. Currently we are in a constant state of build, launch and the maintenance is on demand as the business process and software get updated. We have a maintenance schedule but it's moving people into that process which is the challenge. 

We used to use Excel but it's not too efficient when you don't see what the reviewer is seeing. So I use Articulate Review which is great for reviewing and saving comments all in one place.

Allison, thanks for the maintenance checklist, I'm now thinking may be I just need to add these points to the email when I send the link to the Articulate Review module, or even add a extra slide to the module in Articulate Review with this information upfront, so they get an Introduction to their Maintenance Review then it's all in one place.

Thanks for the ideas.