Feedback appreciated

I attended the recent Articulate roadshow in London. However I wasn’t brave enough to show my work at the event, a point I very much regret now. I was hoping the wonderful community here would be able to comment on my work so I can see how to improve. Please be as brutally honest as possible i am thick skinned.

I have included the brief in a word file and attached my story file.

thanks in advance

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Anne Seller

Hi Keith,

First of all, I completely agree with Matthew. Good for you for sharing your work! And you should, because I think you’ve made a great start with this module (and I love the moving radish on the slider)!

I just took a quick look and have a couple of suggestions:

  • Make the “Next” button a bit bigger and put it to the right of the text input box.
  • Add a button “start over” or “start again” on the last slide and add a trigger to it so people are directed back to the Welcome slide.
  • You could move the slider up a little bit so you have more room to put the images and text below it.
  • Delete “Text Box 1” on each of your layers so the text doesn’t overlap with the same text that is on the base layer.

Otherwise, it looks great! If you’d like to continue improving your skills in Storyline, feel free to join us in the weekly ELH Challenges: They are a fun way to improve your skills and build your portfolio, plus you get to meet lots of cool and interesting people in the community.

I hope this helps!



Phil Mayor

Looks good, sharing is always the hardest part.

I would look at aligning the objects such as slider and text entry field to centre of the stage.

Try and make the text entry field not look like the default.

The Next button is in an odd place or at least blends in a bit, perhaps make it bigger and in centre of slide at the bottom.

On the slider I would align the image on each slider to the slider thumb when it moves and remove the 3D animation.

I would remove the character on the final slide and make it look more like a certificate.

I would probably also reduce the header image on the main slides for anything but the first slide.

Looks great thoigh!

malcolm swinton

Hi Keith

you might find having a group of five or so peoples opinion you trust at review stage is a good thing to adopt

I often sent out work round a group of peoples opinion I trusted


some of the feedback that came back was so good that specific comment made every e-learning module


When you create you don't often get the chance to know if its any good or not

Its good to have a group who can tell you  the truth





Christopher Grant

Hi Keith

Well done on sharing your work, it can be quite daunting but definitely worth it. 

I would agree with the comments above re. alignment

The only other suggestion I would make, to make it a little more interactive, would be to make the answers to the questions that you have on the bottom of each slide appear when the user clicks on the question. It would make the slide look cleaner and lets people have a few seconds to think about the question before they reveal the answer :)