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I have a Microsoft Excel Essentials course that I recruited 20 learners to review.  I'm looking for the type of questions to ask before launching this new course to the masses.  I realize now that I should have sent the survey before they took the course. 

  1.  What type of questions should I ask about this Microsoft Essentials Excel course?
  2. I work in Storyline 2 as a novice.  Should I build survey in SL2 or in another Survey tool?
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Allison LaMotte

Hi Roberta,

1. Here are some articles that will help you define the list of questions to ask:

2. It all depends on how you want to collect the results. If you build it in Storyline 2, you'll need to put it on your LMS and collect your results that way. If you build it in GoogleForms, for example, you can collect the results in a spreadsheet format. It's up to you to decide which way is easier for you! :)