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Helen Reid

Hi Katie.  We all have different ways of doing this. Here's what I would do:

1. Create 4 layers with information on each layer relevant to your numbers.

2. On each layer, set a trigger (using a cross or the word close or back or something like that) that hides the layer when clicked.  This will make the learner return to the base layer

3. On the base layer, create 4 buttons or images with a trigger on each that shows the relevant layer.

4.  On the base layer, set the buttons 2, 3 and 4 to an initial state of hidden.

5.  On the base layer, set a trigger on button 1 of when clicked, button 2 will change state to normal.  Set another trigger that when button 2 is clicked, button 3 will change state to normal and so on. 

Hope this helps.

Katie Evans

Thanks Helen!

Two things:

I've added a variable to each layer that states "set layerX to true when timeline starts" and added that to the base layer trigger (set buttonX to normal when user clicks buttonY if [above condition] is set to true". I know this has something to do with the order of triggers in my trigger panel but when I'm on one layer, I can see the base layer button for the next button to show (e.g., button 2 shows in button 1's layer). My trigger panel order is:

1. show layer

2. change state of button 2 to normal when button 1 is clicks if condition is met.

Any suggestions on how to not show the button on the layer?