Freebie: A maze game for Dos and Don'ts


For last week's challenge, I created a template of maze game for Dos and Don'ts and would like to share it here.

I made the character to be able to move around instead of one time click because I think sometimes it's better to let learners have more space to think about "Do I really want to go this way or should I choose the other way instead?" In this template, I built four slides for questions but it is very easy to extend to more questions.

In fact, it could be used not only for Dos and Don'ts but also others. Feedback is always welcome, and I would also like to hear what else do you think it could be used for. That shall be fun.

Feel free to use/modify. Cheers!

View demo

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Joanne Chen

Hi Katarína, thanks for the compliment. The arrows are set in one layer of a master slide. In this way, you can insert as many new question slides as you like by duplicate question slides (put the correct option on the left wall if you choose a TrueL slide, and vice versa for TrueR slide), and then just replace with your own text.

If you play in the demo, you can see the character moves a step to the right when clicking the right arrow, it will take about ten steps to reach the option from the middle point and vice versa. You can see how I set triggers for the character and arrows in master slide.