Give your eLearning an animated makeover

Hi everyone. I was lucky enough to be selected to present at DevLearn 2014 and put together a presentation that showed how we've brought Storyline and GoAnimate together to create some pretty effective scenario-based eLearning. I thought I would share the presentation to maybe help stimulate some design ideas. This is a self-running version of my presentation and runs for about 30 minutes. Enjoy!

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Mike Schwind

Hi Wendy. Glad you liked it! The development process for the GoAnimate isn't really that long. Of course it depends on what type of animations you are creating. The hard part is getting the script for the scenario correct. After the audio is recorded you just import the files, create your characters and scenes and produce the output. As an example, the full Ethics training module (which was about 15 minutes long to go through) took maybe three days to produce in GoAnimate and then a day or so to build the shell in Storyline and import all of the videos. So about a full week of production time after scripting in approved. Let me know if you have any other questions. Always glad to help! 

Mike Schwind

Thanks for the kind words! I've been working on this type of animated scenario approach concept for the past 9 months or so. I've received a tremendous positive response from learners when putting the boring compliance type of training in this format. It's much easier for a learner to endure. :)

Bruce Graham

Hi Mike, a couple of thoughts/comments:

1. Is it possible to have a version of this with the Seekbar, just so that we can have a quick look through?

2. I use animation, (PowToon and Videoscribe) daily in my elearning, and here's an odd thing that I am finding:

  • People are getting used to shorter and shorter interventions, so...
  • ...we reduce the time, sometimes to 4-5 minutes, and...
  • ...people are therefore able to sit through (well-designed) linear courses more, (because they are shorter...), so...
  • PowerPoint, if well-designed and well-built, because it IS possible if you learn to use it (like Duarte etc.), is actually palatable again. We just have to learn how to chunk information better - even compliance training.

I find people are slagging off PowerPoint, and turning to many other available forms of presentation, when in fact, what people are getting bored of is NOT "...staid old PowerPoint", (as many pundits claim), but the length of slide presentations.

Does that resonate at all with your experiences?

PS - love the AC/DC :)

Mike Schwind

Hi Bruce. We've also been producing short clips (animated video such as in my presentation) to highlight workflows, product information, and showing a customer experience. These are usually 2 -5 minutes long and very well received. The days of 30 plus minutes of training are, or should be, long gone. Especially for dry compliance types of content. Animated videos have opened up a whole new world for us.

I'll check into adding a progress bar. Good idea.

Thanks.  Mike