Help Me Save E-Learning at My Company!

Our company is currently over-extended in our training needs. I support a contact center that is always dealing with turnover and we are constantly overextended and under-resourced. I am hoping that I can move us to a more balanced, blended learning program for our new hire training, which would use a lot of CBT/e-learning modules and some instructor led modules. however, we had a vendor create some CBTs many (many, many) years ago--one cheesy mandatory sexual harassment video and some product videos that have some good content, but whose information is starting to become outdated and the modules are what we usually think of when we think of e-learning in the past. Because these are everyone's experience with e-learning, i'm getting some push back with trying to move us to an e-learning direction. Everyone seems to think that we'll just create similarly creaky modules. I am trying to encourage them that e-learning can be interactive, dynamic and adapted to meet a variety of learning needs and topics, but all my co-workers can see is more videos that you just click 'next' through. How can I help them see that there's a fresh, new face to e-learning and computer based training doesn't need to be old fashioned or painful?

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Melanie Mahler-Pioch

Hi Kelly. I'm working in an e-learning company creating great e-learnings. I'm in marketing and sales - and consulting. Let me know, if I can help you find the right approach to convince your colleagues. I'm really late on your post - just let me know if it's still relevant:


Have a nice time :)!