How to build LMS/API competency

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone knows how one can get more skills on the execution side of e-learning. There are a lot of classes on theory and the art of creating courses, but when it comes to formal training programs they teach you the basics of LMSs and the ideas of AICC/SCORM, but pretty much everything useful I have learned since then has been from personal experience.

Currently I am frustrated as I have courses with errors that I know are part of the LMS side, but nobody on the LMS team (at least that I have access to) can help figure out what it is to explain why. This has me wanting to learn everything I can so I can help myself as much as possible.

Does anyone know any resources to get better at understanding this side of e-learning? Do you have to basically become a programmer to be able to understand and troubleshoot this type of thing on a deeper level?

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