How to create an automatic progress bar in Articulate Storyline

I've created a video on how you can create an automatic progress bar in Articulate Storyline. 

I placed the progress bar is on the master slide. The progress bar calculates which state to show based on the total amount of pages in your course and the current page.

So you can add and remove pages to your course without adjusting the progressbar on each slide in your course.

The way i build the progress bar in Articulate Storyline is first published by Pete Brown in a blog post on in 2013

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Anthea Proudfoot

I had the same issue with a quiz question. I ended up setting up a variable for it to show it's been visited so it was like "Q1Visitied True/False" set to false as default. Once you press "try again" it sets value to true so the radio button thing works (for some reason thats the only slide it DOES work on).

Freddy Mogollon

Hi, last Friday I was working on my project and I realized I had the same issue, I had a couple of slide that didn't show the progress bar. I also realized that those slides had the background setting to "no show", when I changed them to show, it solved the issue. Hope this helps.

Steven McAneney

Hi all. I'm trying a simpler version of this, which should be...simpler. But I can't get it to work. No calculations, just a variable that is added to every time you click SUBMIT, and a trigger to change the state of the progress bar. But I can't get it to work. Any ideas? Project is attached.

Freddy Mogollon

Minerva , double check your masters slides, usually there are several master slides in a document but you probably use just one, if you are able to erase a master slide or the slide under that one, it is because they are not being used in your content, then you can erase them, at the end you will have the master slides and the slides your content is in fact using. After cleaning your slides you will have less (or just one, like in my case) master slides to set up the automatic progress.

Gavin Heryng


Happy to see this thread dis still going!

The issue I'm having is that the progress bar (or Course Bar as it's called in mine) isn't progressing! I can see that the percentage is increasing as it should, but it doesn't seem to be triggering a change in state for the progress bar.


Any help you can offer would be hugely appreciated! :)