Idea on what to create when a choice has to be made on a page

I'm new to SL.  I have SL2.  Sorry if this is not where I post this concern of mines.  I have a letter as an interactive part of a course.  What I'd like is the statement to be identified as one of two categories.  I'm not sure if this is the best way to get what I want done; however, here it goes!


Click or drag and drop the statement into one of  two categories, victim statement or owner statement.

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Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Nicole Legault

Hi Roberta!

Thanks for coming to the E-Learning Heroes Community with your question!

I think a good idea might be to use Storyline's Freeform Drag-and-Drop interaction slides to create a drag and drop interaction. The drag items can be your statements. The drop target can be one area called "Victim statement" and one called "owner statement". Here's an example of the type of interaction you might want to create: Sun Safety 101 Drag and Drop. See how the items appear one a time, and then you drag them to the proper category? This is a Storyline Freeform drag-and-drop which is available in Storyline 2. Here's a tutorial on how to use them. 

Hope this helps :) 

Roberta Liverman

Hi Nicole,

Are you responding for Wendy? I sent the letter/essay that the learner would need to see to Wendy.

I get the idea for identifying statements using two frames, allowing learners to drag and drop the statement in the correct area.

What about the letter itself being on the screen for reading before the drag and drop activity?

Roberta Liverman

Nicole Legault

Hi Roberta,

If the text letter is too long to place on one slide you can use what's called a Scrolling Panel in Storyline 2.

It's available under the Insert tab of the ribbon at the top of the Storyline application. You then place your text inside the scrolling panel, and it will create a scrolling box with a scroll bar and it can scroll down as far as you need it to.

Tutorial: Storyline 2 Adding Scrolling Panels


Hope this helps! :)