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Hello All:

I am looking for ideas to make this Main Menu look more visually professional.  This is an Articulate course with four distinct case studies.  I created two of them using an animation software.  All four are MP3/MP4 videos.  The thumbnail of each case links to the videos.  

What would make this menu look more unified and professional?  If I don't use the thumbnail, then it won't give a hint about the content.  The cases are not related and can be selected in any order.  

Many thanks for any inspiration!

Debra Mascott, M.Ed.

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Bianca Woods

Hi Debra,

Trying to make courses or videos that all have different visual styles look good together in a single menu is definitely a tricky challenge! You need to find ways to give them more in common visually while still preserving something about the information the images convey about the content.

I had a couple of different design ideas that might work for this situation and made some VERY quick mockups for each one.

1) Use related icons instead of screenshots

The easiest option could be to choose icons that connect to your topics and then put the case study names in text beside them.

2) Use screenshots of scenes from the middle of the course/video instead of the title screens

Title screens can look quite different but sometimes the subsequent course/video content may have a bit more in common. By switching when you pull the screenshot from, you may find the results all look better together. You'll see this used a lot here on the E-Learning Examples page.

Also, by making each screenshot just a bit smaller and adding the case study titles to the side in text, this can give them all a bit more in common visually. Think how videos from different creators on YouTube all look together on the home page!

3) Make new title cards for each course/video

Keeping on the YouTube theme, the way many creators help the thumbnails of all their videos seem related is by using a particular template for each one. You can make your own template or do what I did in this example and just quickly use an existing YouTube thumbnail template or service (I used a template from Canva for this example).