Ideas for Naming LMS

Hi Team!

I'm looking for ideas to name our LMS internally. I found an older thread about this but it wasn't much help for me.

We are trying to stay away from anything that sounds too formal like university or academy. We also do not want anything related to our industry because one of the newest company divisions isn't really in the same industry, and culturally they don't see themselves belonging in the same category.

Right now, my ideas are Learn, Studio, The Learning Studio, and ...that's it.

What names have you seen people use? What ideas might you have?

Thanks in advance!

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Amy McCloud

We are in the process of naming our new LMS also. At previous organizations, I've seen the following:

The Learning Zone

[Company] Learn

Success Center

the Learning Center

One consideration is if your LMS houses more than just learning capabilities. When our LMS combined with HRIS functions, we changed from [Company] Learn to Success Center because we wanted the name to reflect that there was more than just learning happening in that space.