Interactive Activity - Completing a Worksheet Built in Excel

Hello there. I am designing a course to address errors made when completing a worksheet. My idea is to build a scenario with specific details, and have the learner place the correct dollar amount in the correct place on the form as the interaction/knowledge check. What do you think is the best way to build this? I was actually looking for a template for something similar so I could see how it was built and what triggers were used. I thought I'd break the worksheet (built in excel) up into sections and have 4-5 cells in each section where they would be required to add the correct entry. I would rather not offer a drop-down with options - I would like them to run the #'s themselves and figure out what should go in each cell on their own. I have attached a portion of the worksheet for reference. Thanks so much!

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Kristin Koeleman

Sorry - I am not following. My plan for the course design was to go over
the worksheet, section by section (I will probably do a screencast for
this.) Then I wanted to have them complete a few areas in each section as a
knowledge check - the areas known to cause the most errors.

They will have to do some math on the side to get the right numbers to
input. I don't understand the recording my screen part as it pertains to
the learner being tested. I am wondering how to set up the interaction in a
way that allows them to freely input numbers - maybe in three or four
blanks on the worksheet - and then click submit. If it is wrong, I want
them to have three chances to get it right. If they don't I will display
the correct response. Thanks!!

Steve Gannon

Hi Kristin,

Allison's approach is certainly the easiest (record the screen as you enter the values in the actual spreadsheet software and then insert that recording using Try or Test mode). However, I don't believe this will give you the flexibility you're seeking for your interaction.

In the attached .story file, I recreated the spreadsheet form in Storyline (I did leave out a few cells for brevity). I inserted 10 numeric entry boxes where the user will type in their numeric responses. I renamed the numeric entry variables to match the cell names in the spreadsheet.

Next, I created variables with names matching the names of the cells containing calculated values.

Next, I created a layer that updated all of the values in the spreadsheet via respective triggers. This layer is called with a trigger on the base layer every time the user clicks or tabs out of a numeric entry cell. By placing all the calculations on a layer, I only had to create those triggers once, rather than duplicate them for every numeric entry on the spreadsheet. (Another even easier approach would be to wait until the user clicks 'Submit' to show that layer and run the calculation triggers, but spreadsheets typically update as you move from cell to cell rather than wait for a 'Submit' or 'Calculate' button to be clicked; I wanted it to be at least somewhat realistic.)

Nothing happens when you click Submit for now since I'm not really certain what you want as the correct answers, but ultimately, layers would be added for Incorrect and Correct responses and so forth.

I'm happy to answer any questions.