Interactive Drill: Master Articulate 360 Shortcut Keys

I've found using shortcut keys in my daily development activities helps speed up tasks, but the problem is that I stick with the shortcuts I know and overlook the rest. To improve my memory of shortcut keys, I built an interactive tool in Storyline 360 along with a cheat sheet that can be downloaded. The drill contains almost every shortcut and prompts with rapid-fire questions with bonus rounds. 

Have fun with this and let me know how you made out (or if you encountered any issues), Cheers! Stephanie

Checkout this Interactive Shortcut Drill (you'll need a keyboard so not for mobile playback).

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Stephanie Harnett

Thanks Matthew (Edited to correct your name! Sorry). Also, I checked IE, Edge, FireFox, Chrome and Brave but not Safari on blocking key presses. On the other hand, I couldn't figure out how to  block key presses across multiple browsers. It would be great if there was a JavaScript solution as this type of module would be useful for anyone doing software training that involves keyboard interactions. : )

Stephanie Harnett

HI Phil. I tried JavaScript for this but it didn't seem to catch key presses across all browsers - Matthew had provided some code and others previously offered code for function key trapping. I wasn't able to consistently replicate what was needed, so I went to a quiz format for the keys known to trigger browser events. Would you mind sharing a code example for how I was pull key presses like Ctrl+Shift+V? Not sure about the Safari/Chrome on the Mac. I was seeing similar behaviour with Chrome on the PC not accepting key presses when run locally, once uploaded to a web server it performed as expected.

Phil Mayor

I would probably use onkeydown event instead of onkeypress in javascript. Even then as they are system commands I think they get captured before they hit the browser. So I would see if there is a library that does this. Keypress seems to work well in both Safrai and Chrome.

The only caveat is that storyline is obviously using javascript to also capture keystrokes and I have no idea what it uses and there maybe a conflict.