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Dave Cox

Hi Vic,

Workday LMS is pretty rudimentary. To test your modules without access to Workday LMS, I would suggest that you test them in SCORM Cloud, using the settings that your client has specified for Workday. If they run in SCORM Cloud without problems, then they should run just fine in Workday as well.


  • Digital course versioning coming
  • Via Mass Admin Enroll, can assign a course to individual with a due date
  • Via Campaigns, can assign content to dynamic audiences (example, new hire)
  • No one supports Flash lol
  • Depending upon course design, course time can be tracked
  • New Home and Discover learning experience allows for audience customization
  • Search engine has been improved, but always room for improvement
  • Learning Experience consume enhancements improved completion experience
  • Now offers retraining options