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Eric Nalian

Hey Tim,

We currently use EJ4 and Syntrio as our two primary providers for eLearning courses.

  • EJ4's classes are great - they are all nice and short, most of them under 10 minutes and they are different than most eLearning.  The way we described them to our management team was like 'Instructor led training done by a telecaster.  The classes are not interactive, they are just quick videos.
  • Syntrio are your standard eLearning courses, similar to SkillSoft.

Anyone else have any other suggestions?  We are always looking for additional providers.

Ashley Chandler

Try checking out Allen Interactions. They have many customized solutions that I think would fit your needs. I have found them to be incredible providers of instructional design and they specifically offer blended learning programs. I actually just looked at their site and found a section outlining what you are looking for. Here is a link to the blended learning page: http://www.alleninteractions.com/custom-learning-services/blended-learning

Anirudh Rohit

Hi Tim! I hope this reply didn't come too late. Exemplarr worldwide is an infomation management organisation that provides excellent eLearning solutions. The company has an experience in the IT domain for more than a decade and I am sure you will appreciate the timeliness and affordibility that comes with it. I work for business development there, you could contact me on anirudh@exemplarr.com.

Do check out our website before though, www.exemplarr.com