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I am an instructional designer and my organization has been implementing video-based eLearning courses. Since we rely heavily on video content, I am looking to expand my knowledge in this area, and I am looking for suggestions for video development courses for trainers. I am definitely not a beginner as I have been working with video for several years, however, I am far from being an expert and I have a lot to learn!  I would like to learn more about developing content with a green screen, using a video camera, learning more about aspect ratios and producing/editing videos, etc. I am currently interested in two different courses. One called "Rapid Video Development for Trainers", offered by ATD. And a video development course offered through the MASSIE Institute. I am wondering if anyone has taken these courses, or if anyone can recommend a different course I haven't explored yet? Since my company is willing to spend the money on this, I want to ensure I am making the right choice.





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Bob S

Couple of excellent suggestions above.

Here's another option.... In many parts of the country you can find freelance videographer/editor experts that will not only produce, direct, shoot, and edit; but also TEACH you how to do any/all of those things.  I've used this option to teach new trainers with great results. You get to work side by side with a pro, ask your questions, and get their real-world tips that aren't often found in the formal education.

Just be up front and explain that's what you are looking for and ask if they've ever taught anyone before. In our little area alone, I know of at least three pros who do this on a semi-regular basis; one former NBC producer/cameraman, one current PBS editor, and one indie-film director/producer.

The side benefit?  You get a video project completed while you learn. :)