Looting and simple dungeon crawling example

rpg screen

This is rough demo of how you can do an RPG-like game with exploration with loot collection, pseudo-collision detection and 4 way movement. Just imagine a scenario where an office worker must find the new covers for his or her TPS reports...(if you are old enough you will get the reference...)

You can watch it here

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Rick Maranta

Thanks John. I used states for the animation. Whenever the character walked I run a loop that cycles through the walking animations. There are 9 states for each back, front, right and left. Probably overkill, and not sure if I get through them in the time it takes to move the distance, but I had them so used them. I am hoping to keep working on this and maybe provide a video tutorial for some of the stuff happening in here. 

By the way, i updated it a bit. Made you have to gather all items before leaving and making sure, once you picked up an item, you don't have the interaction again. 

Rick Maranta
Christine Hounsham

Hi Richard,  I agree great job and I think the 'animation' of walking looks terrific.  Does the character move along a motion path on a layer, depending on which direction to click?  I have been wondering how to achieve this effect.  Cheers Christine 

Hi Christine, I have the character on the main level and have 4 relative motion paths for each direction assigned to it. I use the buttons to move the character along each motion path. Hope that helps.