Making a quiz accessible from anywhere in the course

Had a good question from an Articulate Studio '09 user today! She asks:

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For a non-linear course, I don't know how to include/display the quiz from Quizmaker within the content where it's seamless for them to get to.  What layout would you suggest using?  When you have a PPT that isn't linear, how do you easily get your users to the Quiz to test/track their knowledge? I typically don't use the side panel menu option in Articulate, but I'm wondering if I should so they can get to the quiz from the menu bar (and how do you do that if all of your slides are hyperlinked and interactive)? 

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That's a great question!

IDEA #1:

One way would be to include the quiz as a tab on the top bar of the player. That way, anytime the learner is ready to take the quiz, they can just click the tab and the quiz appears. When the learner is finished and closes the quiz, they'll find themselves at the same slide they were viewing previously. If you've never inserted a quiz as a player tab (rather than as a slide), check out this tutorial and scroll to "Option #2: Insert a Quiz as a Tab on Your Player."

IDEA #2:

Another idea would be to insert the quiz on a slide in your course, and on your content slides you could create a "quiz" button that hyperlinks to the quiz slide. In fact, you could put the "quiz" button on a slide master so you only have to insert it once, and then apply that master to whichever slides you want. This way, learners just click the quiz button on any slide when they want to jump to the quiz. On the quiz properties at the bottom of the quiz placeholder slide, you could set up the branching so that when learners finish the quiz, they jump back to the beginning of the course, or to a menu slide, or whatever seems most appropriate. You could even send them to a different slide depending on whether they pass or fail, if you want. Here's a bit about how to set up that branching.

What other ideas do you have for making a quiz easily accessible to learners?

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Zara Ogden

Could you do this?

1. In the Attachments Tab have the quiz set up as a web object where you are directed to it when you want.

2. Can you perhaps with open navigation utilize the thumbnails and outline tab to navigate to the specified sections. This would require some planning in the beginning as to the key sections of you program and only have those thumbnails or outline titles listed.