Multiple correct answer options in a multiple text entry slide

Hi everyone,

I have built a multiple text entry activity using the pick one method. So far so good...

The client has asked whether it is possible to allow multiple correct answers for each text entry, so that we can accept +/- 0.1 on answers that result in a decimal. 

I created what I thought was a logical trigger for this, but it has not worked (and now not even the original correct answers are showing as correct.) Is something in my logic wrong? Or is it just not possible to allow multiple correct answers in a slide like this? (I've attached the slide in case anyone has any ideas.)

Has anyone ever attempted this before and had success?

Thanks for your help!




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Joanne Chen

If you have multiple entries in one question and each text/numeric entry has several correct answers, you can use T/F variables to detective if the entry is correct or not. So the question will only answered correct when user click on Submit on the condition of all the variables are True. And it will show incorrect when any of variable is False.

I've attached Eidos Consulting Ltd's story file for you to take a look on how to achieve it.

Created by Eidos Consulting Ltd

Hi Joanne, thanks for sending this. I didn't think to set a range in the trigger so was creating a trigger for each possible correct answer which it didn't like.

We got round the issue in the end by removing the need for the students to submit their answers on this page (as they were tested on their answers in the next stages of this activity.) We have delivered the final project now so won't look to update this one, but I'll certainly keep this for future builds.