Need a course with glossary of terms and their definition/ SL3

I have 60 terms that I need to use as a course review.  There is nothing but terms and their definitions in this course.

I'd like for them not to move to the next page until all terms have been reviewed.

Looking for the best way to create this Terminology review course.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

I currently have this in PowerPoint as a matching activity; however, they can just click next and move on without reviewing the terms.

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Judy Nollet

If the entire course consists of terms and their definitions, then you might as well use one slide per term. Then the easiest way to force them to step through each slide is to restrict the navigation (though you can't force them to read...). I'd also suggest showing the Menu, so someone could easily return to a previous definition if they want to.

That said, why do this? Is there some sort of compliance reason to force users to review terms and to track that they did it? If not, I'd just give them a link to an online glossary, so they can look up terms as needed.